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Top 8 Most Positively Reviewed Solar Energy Companies

  • Vivint Solar
  • Dividend Solar
  • SolarCity
  • Solar Five
  • SunLux Energy
  • Complete Solar
  • SunPower
  • RGS Energy

What Type of Solar Energy Features Matter More?


Although people can buy their solar power systems outright, most come with a hefty price tag. Instead, many find themselves financing their solar power systems into monthly payments. However, a large number of companies try to make financing solar systems hard, but the savings once you find the right financing option can be huge. Here are a few of the most common financing option:

  • Loans
  • Solar leases
  • PPAs
  • PACE financing


Do you want to own your solar power system, rather than just leasing it? Just like financing a car to own it, you can do the same with solar power systems. You can choose a type of payment option which ends up with you owning the system permanently.

Costs And Savings

Nearly every solar energy installation provider has a solar calculator on their site to calculate how much your system would cost and how much money it would save you. However, each solar calculator is different and will offer different types of savings. Make sure to contact the solar company directly to get a more exact quote on how much you would be spending and saving.


There are dozens of different forms of solar panels currently being sold on the market, each having their own set of pros and cons. Although rooftop solar panel markets offer less variety, there are specific differences between each brand that sells them. First, find out which type of solar panels the company you’re looking into installs and consider the following:

  • How reliable are your company’s solar panels? How long has the company been around for? Do they guarantee warranties?
  • Does your installer give you a choice between different solar panels or describe where their panels are made?
  • How efficient are the panels that are being installed?

Customer Service

Fortunately, most companies have customer service reps that can help sort out issues that you can come across. However, other companies will just refer you to an automated number with a recording set to answer questions for you.

  • Service Fees: Premium services may cost extra, but asking questions shouldn’t cost anything.
  • Post-Sale: You may have a constant customer rep for your sale, but after that, you may have a different customer rep assigned to your case.
  • Dedicated Salesperson: Your solar energy company may offer you a dedicated salesperson or customer service rep to help you throughout your case.

The Different Types Of Solar Panels

There are four types of solar panels that are used in residential and business solar power systems

Crystalline Panels

This is the most common type of solar panel as it is used in the majority of residential systems. The semiconducting material in the solar cells is made of crystalline silicon. The cells are then placed inside the panels for use. The efficiency of the solar panel depends mostly on the purity of the crystalline silicon that is used.

Monocrystalline Panels

These panels are the most efficient on the market. They take up the least amount of space and create the highest output of power. Also, they last the longest out of any solar panel on the market, for around 25 years.

Polycrystalline Panels

This type of solar panel costs less than monocrystalline panels. This is because they are simpler to make. However, they are also less efficient and require more panels to reach the same efficiency as the monocrystalline panels.

Thin-Film Panels

These panels are crystalline based and made by layering the solar cells on top of glass, plastic, or metal. These are cheaper than other panels and are readily available. Also, they are very versatile and can be used for a number of purposes. Also, these solar panels are not affected by high temperatures or shade. They take up a lot of space, which makes them perfect for open spaces, like farms and fields.

Who Should Be Using Solar Energy?


The majority of homeowners would benefit from switching to solar energy, but unfortunately, only a sliver have actually made the switch. The costs of installing solar systems are falling and more and more people are opting in for renewable energy. There are even incentives to make switching your energy source even more appealing than it already is.


Both small and large businesses stand to gain from switching to solar energy. Doing so can help them to save money on their energy bill and take a stand to help the environment. Using solar power is generally cheaper than traditional energy sources, which makes it a smart business decision. Some large companies have already begun switching to solar power and more are following suit every day.

Nonprofits And Government Agencies

Though government agencies and nonprofits are not eligible to receive tax incentives for switching to solar power, many solar companies offer incentives and financing options of their own to help out. Plus, with the lowering price of solar power systems, it may be a financially sound decision, even without the incentives.